Rademaker released

Back in 2017 I wrote and recorded the “Rademaker” concept mini album. Five tracks in a continuous flow and with recurring themes. A “rademaker” (wheelwright) used to be a craftsman working on wheel and carriage, the 5 parts of the recording represent a fictional flow of his work and thoughts throughout the day.

Next to the preorder for the upcoming “Bos” album, also “Rademaker” was added to Bandcamp recently. Both in digital format and as a split cd with Grave Forest (Slaughterhouse recs). The recordings were previously unreleased.


Bos pre-order and Rademaker release

The new album “Bos” is available for pre-order, check all details and the first single through the following link:


Also the Rademaker recordings from 2017 are available on Bandcamp in digital format, and as a split CD with Grave Forest released on Slaughterhouse Records.


Release split CD on Slaughterhouse Records

Back in 2017 after the release of “Het Gebeente” and before I started writing “Vossenkuil”, I recorded a concept mini album entitled “Rademaker”. It was set to be released as a split CD with Grave Forest on Slaughterhouse Records. Due to various reasons the release has been delayed quite a bit, but as we’re now reaching the final stages we can share the artwork (Headsplit Design) and pre-order link. More coming soon!


“Mijn Koninkrijk Van Groen” Lugubrum cover

I’ve always been a big fan of Lugubrum, ever since the first time I heard their track “Mijn Koninkrijk Van Groen” on a tape-trading compilation in the late 90s.

Over the years I’ve spent countless hours listening to their music, seen a lot of their shows (aptly named “bizarre adventures” instead of “rituals”), gotten to know the guys sharing the occasional beer and carrot, and I’m proud to be their webmaster the past 20 years. My first tattoo even was a dwarf custom drawn by Midgaars, based on the ones from the artwork in the Winterstones album.

This is my version of “Mijn Koninkrijk Van Groen”.

– Jim –

PS Be sure to check their latest release “Plage Chômage”, the ideal playlist for your summer bbq!

“Beverdansen” videoclip

A few weeks ago I made a video with some friends for the new track “Beverdansen”. I know, walking in the forest at night with bottles of alcohol and background music is quite the black metal stereotype, but you know it’s fun, and it’s what we do.

In times where a lot of us are stuck inside, enjoy this virtual “vossenkuil” tour.

“Nachtwandeling” single release

Here’s “Nachtwandeling”, the first single from the upcoming album.

“vossenkuil” was recorded during the autumn of 2018. Mixed and mastered by Koenraad Foesters at Studio Jupiter. He also did “Kenoma”, the Sons Of A Wanted Man album that came out earlier this month, you should check it out.

Pre-orders for the release and merchandise are open at Bandcamp.

“vossenkuil” will be released on April 3rd 2020.

– Jim –